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It's getting hot. How should I prepare my dog for the summer?

Keeping up to date on your pet's flea medication is key to reducing your dog's itchiness. When shaving, keep in mind that cutting too short can irritate any skin issues your dog may be experiencing in their early stages. Some dogs, like people, have sensitive skin, which can easily be inflamed by the clippers getting so close. Also, your dog needs a little hair or fur to protect it against the sun and heat. The hair will keep fluffy from sunburning, as well as insulate some of that hot sun.

What's the minimum grooming I can get away with?

I suggest grooming every 4-6 weeks. Getting on a schedule like this lessens the possibility of your dog getting matted and needing to be shaved, or your dog needing to go through the somewhat painful and expensive de-matting process. The more often your dog gets groomed by me, the better we get to know each other, and the less stress will be felt by your dog by the grooming process. I am even available for a quick and inexpensive bath and brush-out between full grooms if you would like help keeping your dog's coat from matting.

My dog is matted, can we save the coat?

Every dog is different, and will have a coat that is unique. If your dog never gets brushed, or bathed, and has a lot of long hair with matting, it's less likely that your dog's coat can be saved than a dog with just a few loose mats. You should know that I will do my best to gently remove matting from your pet, but if it is causing prolonged discomfort your pet may not let me finish the process. Also, some matting is to the skin: This matting, especially if it is in a sensitive area such as behind the ears, the insides of the legs, or near the belly, will most likely need to be cut out or shaved down for safety reasons.

My dog screams when you touch it's ears/feet, is this normal?

Some dogs need to have ear hair plucked from the canals, to avoid ear infections. Some dogs don't make a big fuss about it, some dogs do. You may hear your dog protest and react to it, but it's something that needs to be done. The same may apply for nail trims. If you opt out of me doing it, please have it done by a vet as it is a necessary part of keeping your dog healthy and preventing painful problems.

Should I bathe my dog for you?

No. I have a special dryer that gets the hair as straight as possible, for the fluffiest and most even cut possible. Also, it is important that the coat be completely clean befor I use my equipment, or else dirt in the coat will dull and snag my blades causing wear and tear, as well as a poor finish to the completed groom.

How long does it take?

This is a complicated equation that depends on the size of your dog, the type, length, and condition of the coat, as well as the complexity of the groom, and the personality of your dog. In other words, it depends!

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