When I lived in Boston, my Bichon Frise Chloe was treated like royalty by our groomer Tiago. For nearly two years I got spoiled by this treatment, and by the time I returned to Lafayette it didn't occur to me that the grooming experience could be so drastically different.

After picking up Chloe from her first groom back in town, only to find her shaved and shivering, I visited every groomer I could find in town and no one could offer me the quality of groom and level of customer-service that I felt I needed.

I was aghast, and my dog was suffering, so I did the only thing I could:

I taught myself how to groom a Bichon Frise.

My Bichon with a wonderful haircut by Tiago at Pawsh Same Bichon with a shaved body and a poodle-like head And later, the same dog with a shapely haircut by me and a pleased expression

After experiencing the joy of grooming and sculpting a dog's coat, I decided to go to grooming school.

So I did!

I want to give to you the level of respect, polish, and quality that you demand for your pup. I want your pup to have the best possive experience, and end up with the best possible groom, all in just a few hours and for a reasonable price.

I want to give you and your pup the Bespoke Dog grooming experience.

the tiniest little bichon illustration